Having problems with your raycus laser source ?

Lasergraaf has the ability to help you remotely through an easy teamviewer session. Our technicians are available 24/7 and can perform full diagnostics of your raycus laser system using proprietary raycus diagnostic software. No need to wait for a tech to stop by, all you need is an internet connection.

We can hard-reset your raycus system, do a remote cooling system diagnostic and even troubleshoot for power-problems and a host of other issues. Naturally our technicians can also help you set up your CYPCUT  controller system or assist you while you are working with the system. It’s like having your own technician handy in your computer when you need him.

G.Weike system installed in Western Europe (NL,BE,DE,UK,FR) in the last 12 months : EU 120,- per session (1 hour max)

G.Weike system worldwide : EU 200,- per session (1 hour max)

Other systems : Eu 280,- per session (1 hour max)


Please send a detailed e-mail including pictures of the machine + controller cabinet and laser source to : lasergraaf@gmail.com to discuss your options and eligibility.

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