Terms and Conditions - Warranty - Return Policy

On all deliveries of lasergraaf.nl the following terms and conditions apply. If you have any questions about these provisions, you can always contact us before purchasing via: lasergraaf@ Gmail.com

General provisions

Lasergraaf.nl facilitates various entities and companies that sell the products of G.Weike Tech Co Ltd. market in various regions and countries.


All prices quoted are exclusive of 21% VAT. For intra-community deliveries, a valid EU VAT number must be submitted and the respective dealer or point of sale must be contacted in advance for a quote with 0% VAT


Goods are calculated and delivered from workshops Tilburg, Venray or Hilvarenbeek. Shipping costs on the webshop (if applicable) are calculated from Hilvarenbeek and are displayed during check-out.


When machines are reported (by e-mail) ready for collection or delivery, or when the invoice has been paid, machines can be stored in the warehouse or showroom free of charge for the first 7 calendar days. After these 7 calendar days, a warehouse rental rate of 5 Euro per m2 per day applies for temporary storage of machines.


The normal warranty period on complete laser machines that have been commissioned by us is 1 year from the invoice date. No warranty is given on demo machines and second-hand machines and machines that have been put into operation ourselves, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Optionally, warranty can be purchased or the standard warranty period can be extended during the purchase of the equipment. The companies affiliated with Lasergraaf.nl conform to standard Dutch (and where applicable European) warranty law. Your rights and obligations are therefore described in detail in the Civil Code. In the unlikely event that you have to invoke the warranty, you must return the parts, accessories and all machines up to 500 Kg free of charge to the service center where you purchased the machine. Any shipping costs are for your account. A carry-in warranty always applies to machines that you have collected yourself, regardless of size or weight. You must present these devices and machines free of charge to the service center where you collected the machines.

Malfunctions and any warranty claims must always be reported in writing or by e-mail to the company or point of sale where you purchased the machine, whereby the date of receipt is leading to determine whether a report falls within the warranty period. Oral or telephone reports will not be accepted.

The following consumables are NOT covered by warranty and are only guaranteed against DOA (dead on arrival) with paid delivery.

  • laser tubes
  • timing belts, guides, by-pass spindles and rack systems
  • mirrors
  • lenses and other optical, light-bearing or light-directing parts
  • laser heads incl. laser tips, ceramic discs and protection windows.

Glass laser tubes are tested together upon collection and are not covered by any warranty thereafter.

The following malfunctions and / or incidents are NOT covered by warranty:

  • software errors including settings in the (windows) operating system
  • changes by the user in software parameters or settings and their consequences
  • use of machines outside the maximum specifications, accelerations and / or speeds or temperatures below 10 or above 30 degrees Celsius.
  • occur after user changes to factory menus or configuration files
  • failures, hitches or problems in the (auxiliary) gas supply and the consequences thereof
  • disturbances, hitches, fluctuations or problems in the power supply and the consequences thereof
  • failures, hitches, fluctuations or problems in the flue gas discharge and the consequences thereof
  • crashes and constrictions in the broadest sense of the word (user error)

Response time and procedures in case of malfunctions

Communication with the affiliated companies is preferably done by e-mail. For general questions and communication by e-mail, they try to maintain a response time of a maximum of 2 working days. Critical malfunctions to machines (where machines are no longer operational) must always be reported by e-mail, whereby a detailed description of the malfunction is necessary. In the event of malfunctions, we try to propose a plan of action within 48 hours on working days.

All fault reports will be processed by email or telephone where possible. If the problem cannot be solved by telephone, a team viewer session will be scheduled where possible to take over the computer and / or operating system of the laser machine remotely. You need to make a WIFI connection between the laser machine and the internet, and you need to release the team viewer pre-installed on your system by sending the login codes.

If the need arises and the carry-in guarantee does not apply, we will try to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible, possibly in consultation with the factory or supplier. If parts or materials need to be ordered, your supplier is dependent on the supplier's delivery times. Parts always arrive from the factory China. Delivery time depends on courier, customs and availability and can vary from 6 days to 21 days.

(Only for fiber laser cutting machines) -> If during diagnosis it appears that a factory technician must handle the case (due to warranty or complexity), the nearest factory technician will be flown in to pay a visit. Your supplier has no influence on the speed or availability of the technician and is dependent on the manufacturer/factory.

Your supplier is not liable for damage or costs arising from machine failures or defects and related delays, production costs, losses or missed deadlines.

Return Policy

All machines from G.Weike tech co. ltd. are custom products and are built especially for you, per your specifications. It is therefore not automatically possible to return machines after purchase. In special cases, after consultation with you, we may decide to market custom-made machines that you wish to return for you.

You can find more information about delivery times and returns here:  https://lasergraaf.nl/retouren-en-teruggave-beleid/


The following rates apply when providing our services:

  • remote service / fault service (telephone, e-mail, whatsapp): 85 per hour
  • service / fault service remote (team viewer): 145, - per hour
  • service / breakdown service based on carry-in: 180, - per hour
  • service / breakdown service on location: 260 per hour

minimum rate: 30 minutes

travel costs: 1,25 per kilometer


We accept payments via (international) bank transfer.