focus lens 25 mm for CO2 laser machines – focus length 63.5 mm


focus lens for CO2 laser machines with high optical transparency. Diameter 25mm. and focus lengths of 63,5 mm. ( 2.5 inches )

Zinc Selenium Plano convex lens

Replacement lens for laser cutters with a CO2 laser source.

Lenses with longer focal lengths theoretically have a sharper notch, but the work is further removed from the air-support sphere of influence. The 63,5mm. focus length is right in the “sweet spot” for sharp cuts and razor-sharp engravings.

Our lenses are made of very high quality Zinc Selenide and unlike some laser lenses on the market, are NON-toxic to the touch. (but you are not allowed to handle lenses with bare hands anyway because of contamination of the lens)

Effective Focus length± 2%
size toleranceDiameter: +0.000 "-0.005"
thickness: ± 0.010 ”
variation in edge thickness<= 0.002 ”
lens opening (polished)90% of the standard diameter
surface shape at 0.63µmPlano: 1 edge
1/2 edge irregularity Radius: variable
scratch resistance20-10
AR Coating Reflectivity surface at 10.6 µm<= 0.20%

The quality of the optics in a laser machine is the most important factor with regard to cutting thickness and cutting quality. Never save on lenses and mirrors! These parts are relatively the cheapest parts in your laser machine but are decisive for the end result.

How do I measure the focus distance?

Determining the focus distance of a lens for your CO2 laser machine is fairly easy with a ruler and a light. Shine a lamp through the lens (bulge upwards) and see at which height the focus point is the smallest. Look on the ruler to see which measure comes closest - this is the focal distance of the lens:

2 inches - 50.8 millimeters

2 1/2 inches - 63.5 millimeters etc.

lens diameter

20 millimeters, 25 millimeters

focus distance

50.8 mm. or 2 in., 60.3 mm. or 2.5 in., 101.6 mm or 4 "(extra long)


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