SI mirrors for co2 laser diameter 25 mm – maintenance / replacement


Mirrors and lenses in your CO2 laser machine should be replaced regularly to keep your laser (power) in optimal condition. Mirrors deteriorate (invisibly) due to dust and burn-in, causing the laser beam to fan out and lose power.

These SI (silicon) mirrors with a vapor-deposited gold layer have a very high degree of reflection! This gives you more power and sharper focus.

Remember this : mirrors and lenses are like toilet paper ! Feel free to buy some extra, you will definitely need them more often.

CO2 mirror with evaporated gold layer

The mirrors in your CO2 laser together with the lens form the optical part. The quality of the cutting notch and the final power of the laser depend very much on the quality of your optical parts. Therefore, make sure that the mirrors and lens are replaced at least once a year.

You will find many different materials for mirrors on the market. Many of these mirrors are made of cheap material and often not suitable for lasers above 60 Watts in power. Bee lasergraaf we only supply high quality SI (silicon) mirrors for high power CO2 lasers. These mirrors have a very high degree of reflection and are ground very smooth for a tight uniform parallel laser line. This gives your laser machine more power at the material and you can cut and engrave more finely.

tip : Order the correct quantity and size – a typical CO2 laser machine has 3 mirrors and 1 lens. Larger machines can have 5 mirrors. Larger machines often have mirrors with a diameter of 25 mm.

which mirrors for a CO2 laser?


1 x SI mirror 20 MM

diameter SI mirror

20 millimeters, 25 millimeters


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