MYJG-150W power supply for CO2 laser 130 &150 Watt


digital power supply transformer for CO2 laser tubes of 130 and 150 watts with peak power up to 180 watts. This power supply is also equipped with a digital LCD display.

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the best CO2 laser power supply MYJG-130W / MYJG-150W

This ZYE electronically controlled laser power supply (MYJG-150W) is universally applicable for 130 and 150 Watt laser systems (with peak load up to 180 Watt). With the built-in LCD display it is very easy to perfectly adjust each machine to the maximum output power and you can immediately see how much power is actually absorbed by the laser tube at any time.

This power supply / high voltage transformer is also equipped with a built-in control circuit for low water protection or other external protections. The status is shown in real time on the display.


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