CO2 laser cutter 61×42 cm laser cutter 90 watts


Powerful 80 watt / 90 peak watt CO2 laser “Iris” with a working range of 610 x 420 mm. combines laser cutting and laser engraving with extensive software and a 100% complete installation package. IRIS is our most popular machine for schools, labs and SMEs and is in most cases supplied from stock. All options included as standard: automatic focus, red dot pointing laser, knife table, honeycomb, lifetime software, CW-5200 cooling machine, exhaust fan and air compressor.


The most popular and most supplied laser cutter

“Iris” is a powerful mobile CO2 laser cutting system and is often used in (secondary) schools and in smaller maker places or labs. Flexible to use and supplied with a handy undercarriage on castors, "IRIS" takes up little space, but with a bed of no less than 2400 square centimeters, this machine is spacious in size and very accurate. With high-quality mirrors and lenses, the "Iris" provides razor-sharp engravings and carvings in hundreds of materials. With the free built-in electrically operated z-table, this laser machine can even process materials up to 33 centimeters thick.

iris with chiller

IRIS is the top model

The Iris laser machine is the best-selling model for schools and commercial workshops. As a Professional model, this machine is extremely suitable for intensive use by different people and for commercial work. Iris therefore has all conceivable exclusive options on board as standard and is supplied ready for use with all necessary peripherals.

Supplied very complete including:

  • steel base
  • automatic focus device
  • electrically operated Z table
  • software with lifetime license
  • USB cable connection to PC
  • digital ampere meter
  • key operation
  • earth leakage/surge protection
  • loop-through sockets
  • oversized motor drivers
  • integrated flue gas outlet
  • analog ampere meter (2)
  • USB stick with software
  • contactless proximity switch

  • knife table with loose knives
  • honeycomb table for small workpieces
  • active high power chiller
  • air support compressor with hoses
  • LAN connection for networking
  • LAN cable
  • water flow sensor / security
  • throughput option for long materials
  • designer smoked glass integral window
  • original RUIDA controller
  • adjustable lens shaft
  • emergency stop switch
  • uni & bi-directional engraving mode
  • air volume control at nozzle
  • and so much more …..

  • red dot pointing laser
  • high quality EFR laser tube
  • drain hose with hose clamps
  • tool set for maintenance
  • training and certification
  • adjustable power control
  • lockable panel doors
  • castor wheels
  • stabilization feet
  • USB stick control
  • protected integral timing belts
  • door protection
  • start / stop / pause system
  • built-in self-diagnosis system

laser machine training

training & workshop with every IRIS laser

If you buy an IRIS laser machine, we think it is very important that you can work safely and responsibly with the machine and that you can maintain it properly. Many of our machines may only be operated by trained personnel. That's why we also offer optional extensive training This allows you to work safely and quickly with the machines and you have sufficient background information to process new materials and perform periodic maintenance.

certificate lasergraaf CO2 lasers

Free certification with training

Training is required by law for class 4 lasers and highly recommended for all other classes. Bee lasergraaf we stand for 100% safety without barriers. That's why we don't just train, but we also certify the students. The certificate is endorsed by the Foundation Lasergraaf and is a quality mark for trained machine operators and supervisors.

with software and lifetime license

This laser machine is supplied by us with a lifetime license and extensive windows laser software. The software is easy to understand, easy to operate and has many powerful features as standard. In addition, the standard software can also be downloaded free of charge by several colleagues or students when purchasing a machine and installed in demo mode on their own computers.

SenA CW-5200

including fully automatic active cooling system

Lasergraaf machines are supplied as standard with an extra heavy automatic and active CW-5200 cooling system. Many suppliers provide passive chillers to save money, but a stable temperature of the laser tube is very important to the service life. That is why you get only the best chillers in your package for free. Each active cooling system is also equipped with extensive safety functions and gives an automatic alarm in case of high temperatures or circulation faults.

air compressor tankless lasergraaf 2

including powerful air support compressor

In order to deliver high-quality work, air must be supplied under high pressure during the cutting process. This also extends the life of the lens and provides a sharper cut. That is why we supply a very powerful maintenance-free ACO-008 tank-less air compressor with this machine that supplies no less than 110 liters of air per minute. Because more is definitely better here.

chiller water label

chiller water filling

This system is optionally filled with chiller water Chiller water prevents algae growth in your system (a common problem when using tap water), protects your system against low temperatures, lubricates the components of your cooling system, prevents rust and mineral deposits and is totally environmentally friendly and safe. Always keep chiller water at the correct level and change it annually for best results. tip: Order some extra chiller water with your order so that you can immediately refill or refresh the system if necessary.

belt co2 laser


laser power80 watts (90 watts peak)power connection220 volt
type of laser sourceEFR–F4absorbed power300 watts
machine dimensions112 x 77 x 58 cm (WXDXH)working range620 x 410 mm
type Z tablefully electricmaximum depth Z-axis280 mm
weight70 kilogramsmaximum workpiece lengthunlimited with transfer
sound production65 dBpower controlmanual and software
maximum mA through laser tube16-28mAtype of power supplydigitally
Weight120 kg.
laser power



max working range


, ,

power connection

5 reviews for CO2 laser cutter 61×42 cm laser cutter 90 watts

  1. jody w. -

    Just bought a second IRIS for our production
    The 1st machine has let us down for less than a minute and runs regularly 7 hours a day.

  2. grandomo promotional gifts -

    Great machine for this price. Dutch service and software is a big plus.

  3. Pascalle Nuts -

    First encounter with our daughter at school lasergraaf during open day. Then bought the machine myself and followed a workshop in Tilburg. Very pleasant staff and a lot of knowledge. After the instructive course at home, I did some puzzling, but customer service was able to answer everything by phone. In Tilburg you can also just make your own productions at the workshop machines there. Really recommended!

  4. Gerard Boom - -

    The "Iris" laser cutter 60 watt

    Dear reader;

    A good year and a half ago I got the opportunity to work with a laser cutter at work

    get started. I can elaborate on that a lot but let's just say that after this first one

    getting to know this device was practically indispensable.

    One idea followed the other and I soon wondered whether to buy one

    would be cost effective. I then spent a good year looking and testing

    laser cutters. From the low budget lasers from China (via Ebay) to the semi professional and

    professional cutters from Trotec. Or in other words; from a second-hand 2CV to a new one

    BMW 3 series.

    In the meantime I had also formulated my wishes reasonably; A reliable solid laser cutter with a

    cutting bed of 60 × 40 centimeters and which is also able to cut 6mm MDF. And all this for

    an affordable price. (A late mid-life crisis may cost some, but there are limits)

    In the autumn of 2016, I first walked into Fablab 013, a tip from one of my colleagues. I had

    the site of Lasergraaf I've seen it before and with all my knowledge and wishes in my pocket I'll give the

    shed entered the Groenstraat in Tilburg.

    In total I visited twice where I became more and more convinced of being able to

    the machines offered here. No, you don't need a heavy laser to go through 6

    mm MDF. A 60 watt laser is sufficient if it is of good quality and is correctly adjusted.

    Logical? Now for me this was really a revelation and the precision with which it is cut….?

    Downright eerily precise.

    After my second visit I heard myself say to the owner “Yes, let's leave this one

    order ”and before I knew it I was the virtual owner of a 60 watt laser of it

    type “Iris” with a cutting bed of 60 × 40 cm, honeycomb table, red dot indication and an active

    cooling system. Virtual owner, because the boat was at the time of ordering

    on which they were bobbing somewhere at sea just below Sri Lanka. The good news was that one

    of the machines on that boat was mine now.

    2 days before the Christmas holidays it was time to pick up my new toy from the fablab. A

    extensive explanation followed, previously I was not allowed to load the device. Everything worked properly, the

    software neatly in English and with a good warranty on the whole the monster went into the car.

    Tip! Make sure that 4 people are present because such a thing is very heavy.

    With 2 weeks of Christmas holidays, the machine was installed and tested thoroughly. From 2 to 6 mm

    acrylic and from 1 to 6 mm MDF.

    And now we are about 2 and a half months later and the machine runs in between 20 and 40 hours

    week. I now have 500+ running hours on it and the machine works like a tierelier. Good

    maintenance is essential, I have been emphatically pointed out that and I keep it good. If you do that

    then it is and remains a joy to work with this machine.

    I started with large and heavier objects, but now I also work on very thin and fine


    If you ever consider buying a good and solid machine, definitely go for the “Iris”

    Van in Lasergraaf and let yourself be convinced by the machine itself.

    Dear Fablab staff, thank you very much for your good advice and support

    Was drawn a very satisfied customer

  5. otherwise wood -

    fine machine

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