laser tape for laser engraving and laser cutting without tarnishing or smoke at work. Roll of 30 x 10.000 cm (100 meters)

Laser tape for laser engraving and laser cutting without the annoying deposits and smoke at work!

This special tape is ideal for use on hundreds of different materials. After the tape has been applied to the material, you can laser engrave or cut directly through the tape with razor-sharp results.

The tape burns away very cleanly and leaves no residue at work. All smoke deposits from the laser engraving and laser cutting are deposited on the tape, after which the tape is again very easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue or dirt.

Tape can be used on the top of your object as well as on the bottom to absorb smoke, laser recoil and “sweating” from your material.

All laser projects immediately ready without post-processing.

tip: Do you want to send delicate work to your customers? Leave the tape on after cutting or engraving for a professional and protected result during packaging and transportation. Tape can be easily removed by the customer.

supplied in rolls of 100 meters


15 cm x 100 meters, 30 cm x 100 meters, 61 cm x 100 meters


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