focus lens for raytools fiber laser D30 F-125


standard lens for raytools fiber laser cutting heads. Diameter 30mm. Focus distance 125mm. Usually available directly from stock.

ray tools D30-125

original raytools lenses

The lenses in your raytools fiber laser cutting head are of extremely high quality and ensure a razor-sharp cut in all metals. Never skimp on lenses and protective windows. They are relatively cheap and determine the quality of your machine.

Cheap B-brand lenses can easily tear and leak. This allows the laser beam to deflect in the laser head and cut everything inside.

This standard lens has a diameter of 30 mm and a focus distance of 125 mm

The standard lenses are suitable for fiber laser powers up to 3000 watts and are normally replaced preventively every year. To replace the focus lens, it is useful to have a special tool that fits exactly in the laser head and can unscrew the toothed locking ring. These are also available through this website.

CAUTION : never touch the lenses with your hands and/or fingers. Change the lens in a dust-free environment and do not breathe on or towards the lens (condensation droplet formation)


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