complete set of filter cassettes for the PA700FS series HEPA filter units


1 complete set of 13 replacement filters for the popular ones 700 m3 / hour HEPA extraction / recirculation filter systems. This standard set contains 10x PA700-01, 1x PA700-02, 1x PA700-03 and 1x PA700-04 filter.

Replace filters regularly for a healthy working climate!

The HEPA filter installation naturally captures the small dust particles in the air. The more small dust particles (smoke) that are produced, the faster your filter cassettes will become clogged. Some materials, such as MDF, will clog up your filters very quickly, so that the operational costs will also be higher than when you cut poplar plywood or other materials, for example.

Our HEPA filter installations are equipped with differential pressure monitoring and alarms. When the pressure at the bottom right of the display rises to around 2100 hPA, it is time to replace the filters.

When do I need to replace my air filters?

The 700 m3 per hour filter units are made up of 4 filter media. Below you can see the different media and the replacement frequency:

10 pieces G3 primary dust filter PA700-01

410 x 410 x 4 mm.

(GLQ-F5-350 * 350 * 20)

for dust particles> 5 micron

replacement frequency: ~ 1 to 2 times a month + clean every week.

PA-700FS-IQ 2nd layer class F8 
Medium-efficiency filter

(GLQ-F8-410 * 410 * 300)

410 x 410 x 300 mm

for dust particles> 1 micron

replacement frequency: ~ 1 to 2 times every 6 months

H13 class HEPA - PA700-03

(GLQ-H13-410 * 410 * 50)

403 x 403 x 50 mm.

for dust and smoke particles> 0.01 micron

replacement frequency: ~ 1 to 2 times per 12 months with light use

activated carbon filter - PA700-04

410 x 410 x 140 mm.

(GLQ-QT-410 * 410 * 140)

for odor and (toxic) gases

replacement frequency: ~ 1x per 12 months with light use


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