fiber laser lens protect window raytools consumables


protection lens / window for raytools fiber laser head, among others. This wear part should be replaced every 8 to 16 hours to prevent damage to the laser head, lenses and laser source. 27.9 mm x 4.1 mm. check the dimensions of your protection window before ordering! This is a custom product - exchanges are not allowed. Only use original replacement products. Many counterfeit windows are of poor quality. Avoid downtime or damage. Order extra and always keep windows in stock.

… “check protective windows every day and replace them every 8-16 hours on average” …

Protect windows for your fiber laser cutting head are relatively inexpensive and ensure that your expensive lens package remains protected inside the laser head. In practice, we often see that people try to save a few dollars on protective windows and then have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive lens packages.

These ultra clean windows are made of plasma fused quartz and are highly transparent to the infrared laser light around 1080 nanometer wavelength. They also offer good resistance to high auxiliary gas pressures, protecting the collimator lens and focus lens.

These protection windows for fiber laser cutting heads need to be replaced every 250-300 hours.


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