Q-switched fiber marking laser “EMMA” full desk


powerful Q-switched fiber laser with steel desk, powerful computer and closed housing. Ideal for coding, deep engraving, marking and discoloration of metals.

EMMA is a complete class-1 fiber system with integrated powerful computer system in a handy steel desk housing. As a Q-switched fiber laser, EMMA is a workhorse among the marking & engraving machines. The raycus fiber sources in these machines are virtually maintenance-free and last tens of thousands of hours without having to look back. Operational costs are extremely low and these machines are ready to plug in. Everything is built-in, from complete computer control to cooling and software.

The Q-switched fiber system is available in capacities from 20 to 100 Watt. Because fiber lasers work with a light frequency that is up to 10x higher than with CO2 sources, much less power is needed to achieve the same result. Due to the high frequency, the laser beam is also extremely bundled and very powerful.

Powerful enough to engrave, mark or deep engrave just about all metals (eg coins, stamps, etc.), but also for rust removal, coating ablation. and chemical surface treatment. If you also want to engrave in color and make even sharper & faster engravings, this model is also available with a MOPA fiber laser source.

All our fiber laser systems come standard with:

  • powerful built-in computer system
  • Raycus laser source
  • SINO galvanic heads
  • F-theta lens (F = 160mm.)
  • EZ CAD software
  • red dot pointer (visible outlines)
  • foot pedal for operation
  • LED-lighting
  • built-in cooling source
  • standard range up to 200 × 200 mm.

Some examples of materials that can be processed:



laser power

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max working range


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power connection

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