fiber laser filter system 5000 m3 / hour metal with blow-back


High volume filter installation especially for metal powder / vapor of fiber laser cutting machines. Up to 5.000 m3 / hour air flow for a healthy working environment without environmental permit requirements. Option for automatic blow / back cleaning system and / or speed control.

This high power HEPA PTFE filter unit has been specially developed for fiber laser machines with canopy and is suitable for machine canopies up to 300 x 150 cm. This air scrubber is equipped with a 60 m2 HEPA filter surface and optionally equipped with a automatic filter cleaning system. As a result, the filters last a very long time and high air volumes are guaranteed for a long time.

The unique viewing window allows you to immediately see how the filter cassettes are doing and whether cleaning is required.

The collection tray at the inlet catches glowing metal particles and coarse dust before they can reach the filters.

The castors allow the filter unit to be easily placed and moved during maintenance and / or replacement of the filter units.

Power connection: 380/400 volts 3 phases - 5.5 Kw

noise production: <79 dBA

weight: 250 Kg

dimensions: 900 x 950 x 1800 mm.

connection: φ 200 mm.

media: 4 x φ325 * 650mm L HEPA PFTE cassettes

Supplied including heavy flexible hose φ 200 mm x 3000 mm.






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