fiber laser filter system 2400 m3 / hour metal


High volume filter installation especially for metal powder / vapor of fiber laser cutting machines. Up to 2.400 m3 / hour air flow for a healthy working environment without environmental permit requirements.

This high power HEPA PTFE filter unit has been specially developed for metal dust that is released by fiber laser machines and has been displaced up to 2400 cubic meters of air per hour. The air scrubber has a 12 m2 HEPA filter surface and can be equipped with a automatic filter cleaning system (blow back) As a result, the filters last a very long time and high air volumes are guaranteed for a long time.

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Our HEPA filter installations extract all harmful vapors in the laser machine and transport them digitally controlled by the double cylindrical pleated filters. The filtered air is then recycled and blown back into the room. This saves a lot on heating costs (or cooling costs). A normal extraction system would blow out more than 2400 cubic meters of heated air per hour. With a 2400 m3 / hour filter installation save so you do Eu 3.000.- per year alone heating costs.

24v REMOTE SWITCH (option)

With the optional 24 volt remote start / stop system, this installation can also be switched remotely. This saves filters, reduces noise and you can never forget to switch on the extraction. This way you are less exposed to harmful vapors and you create a safer working environment. Select the option at the top of the menu and order your HEPA laser filter installation now.


This filter system can also be fitted with our unique standard automatic cleaning system.

Save thousands of euros in filters and maintenance costs. Just 1 press of a button is enough to clean the HEPA filters fully automatically.

The electronically controlled blow-back machine sends a specific series of air pulses through a rotation unit inside the filter cylinder. All sucked-in metal powder is blown quickly and effectively into the collection container and the filters are ready for the next session.[/one_half]

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Fiber laser machines cut metal and glowing metal is released. This glowing shower of sparks is drawn in by the filter installation and can continue to glow long afterwards due to the air displacement. It is therefore important that the filter installation is specially built to prevent fire. Therefore always use a special fiber laser filter and never a universal filter installation for extracting metal fumes. Our machines are standard equipped with spark traps and fire retardant PTFE (teflon) coated pleated HEPA filter cassettes.

H13 in accordance with NORM EN1822-1: 2010

We use at least our HEPA H13 filters in all fiber laser filter installations.

HEPA is a protected classification and the H13 filter guarantees that 99.95% of all particles of 0,000 003 m or larger are captured.

A built-in F5 pre-filter catches the coarser parts before they enter the installation.


De lasergraaf HEPA filter series are supplied very complete. You will find the following features on all air filter installations as standard:

  • pre-assembled swivel wheels set with brake function
  • air compressor connection for filter cleaning
  • inlet air pressure regulator
  • built-in differential pressure meter for measuring pollution
  • connection cable with power current plug
  • heavy connection hose with clamps
  • bulky waste tray with dust grille

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Power connection: 380/400 volts 3 phases - 2.2 Kw

noise production: <79 dBA

weight: 150 Kg

dimensions: 622 x 631 x 1680 mm.

connection: φ 150 mm.

media # 1: 1 x φ325 * 650mm L HEPA PFTE cassettes

media # 2: 1 x F5 class filter 410 * 410 * 50mm

filter area: 12 m2

suitable up to: max 1500 x 900 mm. work surface

Supplied with a heavy flexible hose φ 150 mm.




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