HEPA filter system for small laser machines and soldering


HEPA filter for (fiber) laser machines. During laser cutting and engraving, very harmful particles can be released into the air. Think of your health, ALWAYS use a good filter installation with your laser machine. tip: These filter installations are also perfectly suitable for workshops (soldering / welding) and are often used for manicure, pedicure treatments and in nail studios in general! Guaranteed the cheapest in Europe!

HEPA air filter - air scrubber with active carbon filter

The compact extraction system with HEPA filtration and active carbon filtering

This unit is ideally suited for our fiber laser machines, but can also be used for workshops, nail studios, and soldering or welding tables. . Thanks to the flexibly positionable extraction nozzle, all harmful substances can be removed directly at the source.

Metal dust that is released during laser engraving is very harmful to health and must therefore be effectively extracted and filtered immediately. With the unique 3-stage filter medium system, extremely small dust particles and air pollutants are trapped and unpleasant odors are eliminated. In addition to healthy air, a quiet working environment is of course also important, so our filter installations are therefore very quiet.

Operation of the filter unit is particularly easy due to the handy remote control with which you can continuously adjust the air volume to your desired position. The built-in computer automatically warns you when it is time to replace the filters so that you never replace filters too quickly that are still good, and never replace filters too late, which would adversely affect the air quality.

Digital control , filter monitoring , 10 speed speed control , flow meter , LCD Display & wireless remote control all included as standard

Because air is purified and recirculated, you do not lose any heat from your building with our units! (As an indication: if you were to blow out 300 cubic meters of air per hour, you also need to bring in 300 m3 / hour of 'cold' outside air somewhere, by recirculating you save enormously on energy and you have the filter installation back in a very short time earned).

Specifications :

  • air volume: 300 m3 / hour
  • noise production: <55 Db
  • dimensions :
  • weight:
  • pre-filter: coarse pre-filter
  • between filter: F-8 medium filter> = 1 micron
  • final filter: H-13 HEPA * filter with activated carbon filtration - 99.75% of particles up to 0,0003 mm. (0,3 micron)
  • speed control: stepless direct or remote
  • operation: Direct and with remote control
  • option: filter monitoring (built-in as standard)
  • interface: LCD display
  • version: 1 extraction nozzle with flexible adjustable hose

These filter systems are also perfect for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchens, nail salons, soldering workstations and small workshops.

* HEPA is a standard protected by the European Union. Filters that filter 0,3 micron particles are extremely fine-meshed and filter extremely small (smoke) particles.


The HEPA filter was designed in the XNUMXs for the Manhattan Project to prevent the spread of radioactive pollutants through the air. The filter became commercially available in the XNUMXs. The name became a protected trademark and a common name for highly efficient filters.

Over the years, the filters have been further developed to meet increasingly higher air quality requirements in high-tech applications such as air- and aerospace, pharmaceutical industry, clean rooms, operating theaters and quarantine departments in hospitals, healthcare, nuclear energy and electronics (chip manufacturing). HEPA filters can also be used for allergens to airborne allergens such as house dust. The use of HEPA filters is mandatory when removing asbestos.

flow rate 300 m3/hour HEPA filter

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