exhaust fan for laser machines laser flue gas discharge


A powerful fan is required for the extraction of flue gases from laser cutters and laser engraving machines. These cochlea fans can withstand high back pressures and become dirty less quickly.

The powerful extraction fan is well suited for all CO2 laser engraving machines and fiber laser cutters.

The fan is equipped with a base plate with bolt holes to easily mount the cochlea on the floor, wall or ceiling. Due to the large blades, this extraction system will pollute less quickly than, for example, an inline tube fan. Less maintenance and much more powerful flue gas removal.

supply voltage : 220 volt

power : 550 watt

air flow : 550 m3 / h

max pressure : 1.7 kpa

sound volume : 86 DB

connection size suction 150mm

connection size discharge 150mm

suction on the side - vent on the bottom

Do you also need connection hoses?

heavy connection hose 100 mm or 150 mm for laser machine

power / flow

550 watts (500 m3 / h), 750 watts (1080 m3 / h)


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