do-it-yourself maintenance set / overhaul set for fiber lasers (raytools)


complete overhaul set for do-it-yourself maintenance on fiber laser machines with raytools cutting head. This set contains 5 protective windows for the laser head, 3 ceramic insulation rings and also a tank of 10 liters of chiller water. Save a lot of money by ordering everything in 1 package and easily do your own maintenance with the instructions of

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raytools maintenance set

Everything you need for your fiber laser

You can also do PO or periodic maintenance of your fiber laser machine yourself if you are handy. Save money and do maintenance when it suits you. With this complete raytools set you have everything you need to perform the regular periodic maintenance of your fiber laser machine.

complete set for larger CO2 laser machines (25 mm diameter)

protective window for raytools laser head

5x silicon protective windows at the bottom

The standard maintenance set contains 3 pieces of SI (silicon) protective windows that slide into the bottom of your raytools laser head and protect the expensive lenses inside against high gas pressures, dust and splashing metal. These protective windows are relatively inexpensive and should normally be replaced every 10-20 hours of operation. The dimensions of the windows are 27.9mm. diameter x 4.1mm thickness.

tip : never touch the windows with your bare hands or fingers. Your (invisible) fingerprint will burn directly into the window by the laser and scatter the light.

Tip 2: Even if you don't think you can see anything on the windows, they should still be replaced preventively. Most damage and burnt-in smoke particles are microscopic and can therefore not be seen with the naked eye, but they do scatter the laser light, causing power and cutting quality to deteriorate quickly.

3x ceramic separation ring

The ceramic rings in your laser head are an important and sensitive part that needs to be replaced regularly. This part isolates the hot cutting head from the delicate lens holders and transmits the electrical signal for the height measurements and the focus distance.

Replace the ceramic ring every 50 working hours or at least once a month. This wear part is subjected to an enormous amount of thermal stress and will therefore crack internally. You often only see the damage on the outside when it is already too late. Therefore, replace the ring preventively to avoid losing signal in the middle of cutting a workpiece. A new sheet of metal is many times more expensive than these small wear rings.

ray tools 32 mm ring
ray tools 32 mm ring
chiller water tank 10 liters

Chiller water – 10 liter tank

Chiller water prevents damage to your CO2 laser, fiber laser or laser welding machine and any water-cooled system can be used. Immediately replace tap water with chiller water to avoid problems. Chiller water properties :

  • prevents algae growth in laser systems: Heating the cooling water creates an ideal breeding ground for algae growth and the multiplication of organic components in the cooling water. Chiller water is environmentally friendly and prevents organic algae growth and is bactericidal.
  • lubricates the system: the components in chiller water provide additional lubrication of cooling systems with tight tolerances. This creates less friction and less wear in the system.
  • better heat transport: chiller water has a much higher thermal transfer coefficient, which means that heat from laser sources is dissipated faster and more efficiently. This makes the system respond faster and prevents temperature peaks in the laser source.
  • protection against low temperatures: chiller water has a low freezing point, which means that laser systems are less likely to break down and that the system can start up and run smoothly even at lower temperatures.
  • safe and environmentally friendly: chiller water does not harm the environment, is non-toxic and can be used in all systems.

Are you looking for a maintenance set for smaller CO2 laser machines ?


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