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Nastja CO2 laser 2023 version - Prosumer laser machine with many surprising extras. Table model with 600 x 400 mm working range, feed-through function and electric Z-table.

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home laser school laser “Nastja” prosumer edition 2023

nastja - co2 laser

Completely renewed version 2023

The Nastja laser machine is the entry-level model with many extras. As a Prosumer model, this machine is extremely suitable for home use and standard commercial work. Years of practical experience lasergraaf is completely incorporated in this machine, so that functionality and ease of use have reached the highest level. This machine is fully automatic and comes ready to use with all necessary peripherals.


laser power50 watts (70 watts peak)power connection220 volt
type of laser sourceSPT C50absorbed power300 watts
machine dimensions112 x 77 x 58 cm (WXDXH)working range600 x 400 mm
type Z tablefully electricmaximum depth Z-axis280 mm
weight70 kilogramsmaximum workpiece lengthunlimited with transfer
sound production70 dBpower controlmanual and software
maximum mA through laser tube15-20mAtype of power supplydigitally

delivered very complete

with software and lifetime license

This laser machine is supplied by us with a lifetime license and extensive windows laser software. The software is easy to understand, easy to operate and has many powerful features as standard. In addition, the standard software can also be downloaded free of charge by several colleagues or students when purchasing a machine and installed in demo mode on their own computers.


including fully automatic active cooling system

Lasergraaf machines are supplied as standard with an extra heavy automatic and active cooling system. Many suppliers provide passive chillers to save money, but a stable temperature of the laser tube is very important to the service life. That is why you get only the best chillers in your package for free. Each active cooling system is also equipped with extensive safety functions and gives an automatic alarm in case of high temperatures or circulation faults.

air compressor tankless lasergraaf 2

including powerful air support compressor

In order to deliver high-quality work, air must be supplied under high pressure during the cutting process. This also extends the life of the lens and provides a sharper cut. That is why we supply a very powerful maintenance-free ACO-008 tank-less air compressor with this machine that supplies no less than 110 liters of air per minute. Because more is definitely better here.

red dot laser pointer

Includes red dot visible contour laser as standard

All our CO2 laser machines are standard equipped with an integrated red dot visible contour laser for easy and fast positioning of materials and determining starting positions. The red dot laser is sent with a special beam combiner lens with the main laser for extra accurate work and an ultra-light laser head.

chiller water label

chiller water filling with high discount

We strongly advise to have the system filled with chiller water. If you order at the same time as the machine, you will automatically receive a substantial discount. Chiller water prevents algae growth in your system (a common problem when using tap water) , protects your system against low temperatures , lubricates the components of your cooling system , prevents rust and mineral deposits and is totally environmentally friendly and safe. Always keep chiller water at the right level and change it annually for best results. tip : Order some extra chiller water with your order so that you can immediately refill the system or refresh it if necessary.

small on the outside – magically big on the inside

compact outer dimensions

Desktop “Nastja” has very friendly outer dimensions, making it universally applicable in almost every workshop. At home she can find a place everywhere in the shed, pantry or in the attic, and in the workshop she hardly takes up any space. Due to the compact width of only 77 cm. fits right through almost any doorway and is still roomy enough to handle large projects yourself.

working range co2 laser nastja

enormously wide working range inside

Despite its compact shape and appearance, this co2 laser has a very wide working range of 600 x 400 mm. and the deepest work table in its class. The electrically operated Z-table can extend no less than 28 cm. down for e.g. engraving or marking high workpieces. In addition, in extreme cases, the knives can also be removed from the table, so that even higher workpieces fit.

belt co2 laser

the safest and most trusted CO2 laser

This machine is also among the safest in its class and is ideal for schools, SMEs and small workshops. This laser machine can be placed anywhere. So it is with this machine no need to wear extra personal protective equipment or to take other measures.. Read more here about class 3R and the option to deliver the machine as class 1.

laser power


max working range


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power connection

type of laser machine

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