CW-5200 active cooling machine (also as a replacement for CW-500)


Active CW-5200 high power cooling machine for all CO2 laser tubes up to 150 Watt.
In case of emergency, it can also be delivered today by courier or collected in Goirle (NL).

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Cooling your laser tube is extremely important for the life of your machine and the quality of your workpieces. Excessive temperatures in your laser tube can cause your laser tube to crack or burst. High temperatures also ensure faster wear of your CO2 laser tube. Finally, temperature fluctuations can affect the workpiece (variation in cutting line thickness or engraving intensity). Therefore, never save on cooling!

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With this active cooling machine, every laser tube is perfectly cooled. Up to 100 watts of laser power, this machine automatically keeps track of everything. Because this machine actively cools, it is also suitable for warmer installation areas. With the built-in alarm functions, your laser machine is always protected against circulation problems or overheating.

Minimum laser power: 40 Watt

Maximum laser power: 150 Watt

MANUAL CW-5000 / CW-5200 chiller

chiller water coolant for chiller can 5 liters

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Single order, Combination with laser machine


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