CO2 laser 130×90 “VERA” 130-150w Premium


“Vera” is the powerful, universally applicable laser machine measuring 130 x 90 cm. working range This is the PRO-Line PREMIUM FULL SERVICE version for the professionals, experts and gourmets. Equipped with EFR F6 high power laser tube, active cooling machine, free training and certification, automatic focus laser head and so much MORE.  

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CO2 laser cutter “Vera” is the most popular machine for medium to large workshops and production companies. With the ideal price / size ratio, the “Vera” is the most efficient laser cutter for medium-sized production runs and larger custom projects. In addition, the “Vera” PRO Line PREMIUM Because of its speed and size, laser cutter likes to be used for set construction, architecture, art projects and technology education.

… ”With a size of no less than 11.700 square centimeters and laser powers of 100-130 watts, this laser machine belongs to the heavier class”…

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A complete system without surprises


[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 10px”] ridiculously fast This PRO Line PREMIUM laser machine is equipped with powerful motors that never get lost and can handle extreme accelerations and decelerations with ease. This makes cutting in the corners even sharper and the maximum speeds of engraving and cutting are many times higher without ever losing a step. Mix extreme precision with brute force and you get laser VERA PREMIUM.

Digital power supply with dynamic power control Only on our PRO-Line PREMIUM machines you will find digital power transformers with dynamic power control. This allows you to adjust the power on-the-fly during cutting or engraving without using a computer and without pausing. Thanks to the digital control, you can read and adjust powers very precisely and you also have immediate feedback on the safety status of your machine.

Including Dutch software All our machines come with Dutch software which was developed by ourselves in collaboration with the Fablab013 Foundation. Unique in the Netherlands! Easy to understand, easy to operate. For enthusiasts, the software can of course also be switched to English. Our software comes with a lifetime license and free updates. In addition, the software can also be installed on their own computers by students and colleagues so that files can be easily prepared and calculated.

CE certified, FDA approved and ISO standardized Our machines have been subjected to intensive checks by a renowned Italian institute and are approved for the entire European Union (and the rest of the world). On arrival at the workshop, machines are again randomly checked and they are dismantled, programmed and calibrated by our own technicians. Lasergraaf is also affiliated with the laser safety register and registers all inspections.

only the best controllers and controls Controllers are the heart of the laser machine. These expensive parts are often saved by applying simple or inferior (lasercut) systems. Bee lasergraaf we only supply machines with very high-quality and very extensive RUIDA controller systems. These built-in computers ensure easy connection with software and very accurate, stable and fast control of the motors, which means that this machine can achieve a precision of 0.01 millimeters and speeds of up to 250 mm/second.

Includes red dot visible contour laser All our CO2 laser machines are standard equipped with an integrated red dot visible contour laser for free and easy positioning of materials and determining starting positions. The red dot laser is sent with the main laser with a special beam-combiner lens for extra accurate work and an ultra light laser head.

Including automatic focus setting The machine normally needs to be readjusted for every material with different heights. Thanks to our auto-focus upgrade, this is now a matter of 1 push of a button. The machine automatically adjusts itself to the correct height or focus distance above the material at the touch of a button and is then immediately ready for cutting, engraving, perforating or marking.

including honeycomb table AND knife bed Unbelievable, but we even supply 2 material beds with this machine! We supply a honeycomb table for the delicate work free of charge so that you have maximum support for the smallest parts. In addition, you also get a knife table so that you have more air circulation around your workpiece and have less chance of deposits at the bottom of your work. We believe that with a high-quality machine you should simply have the means to deliver perfect work.

PRO-Line PREMIUM - the “gold standard”. If laser cutting machines had their own award ceremony, this machine would be guaranteed “Number 1 top award” to get. Nowhere else will you find all these features together in such a machine for such a low price; we even guarantee that ! If only the best is good enough and you are also looking for the lowest price, you are now ready and you have found what you were looking for. It really couldn't be better.


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extreme power yet stable At higher powers, laser tubes become unstable faster and their lifespan deteriorates. However, this PREMIUM machine has one original EFR-F6 power tube on board with a service life of up to 6.000 hours. EFR is a top brand in the industry and with the F6 laser powers of 130-150 watts you will never be short of even the most challenging projects. Maximum power in a stable system.

Free training & workshop If you buy a machine from us, we think it is very important that you can also work safely and responsibly with the machine, and that you can maintain it properly. Many of our machines may only be operated by trained personnel. That is why we provide free extensive training for a maximum of 4 people in our own training center in Hilvarenbeek with each machine. After that you can work safely and quickly with the machines and you have enough background information to process new materials and to carry out periodic maintenance.

free certification for 4 escorts and operators Training is required by law for class 4 lasers and highly recommended for all other classes. Bee lasergraaf we stand for 100% safety without barriers. That is why we not only train, but also certify for free up to 4 people for safe use of the purchased laser systems. The certificate is endorsed by the Foundation Lasergraaf en and is a quality mark for trained machine operators and supervisors.

including weighted fully automatic active cooling system Heavy laser powers need heavy duty chillers. That is why you get only the best cooling machine for free in your package with this PRO-Line laser cutter. We deliver just one as standard premium CW-5200 chiller machine in your ready-to-use laser package. All included in the ridiculously low price. Stable cooling = long service life and beautiful cutting results. Only the best is good enough for PRO-Line PREMIUM.

including powerful exhaust fan discharging smoke and dust particles is important for your health and to limit unpleasant odors. That is why we supply an industrial exhaust fan with this machine that extracts no less than 500 m3/hour. Connection hoses (around 160 mm) are of course also included. Do you want to save the environment or can't you blow out stench and (harmful) smoke? Then choose our own brand of air scrubber. This machine has already earned itself back within 3 years purely on saving energy costs. Of course you are also environmentally conscious and healthier.

including air-support compressor A good laser machine also has an air connection for an air compressor. This air under pressure ensures, among other things, that the lens in the machine is protected against contamination, and it prevents flame formation when cutting and digging material. We put safety first at lasergraaf, so we also supply an air-support air compressor for free with every CO2 machine.

automatic height adjustment The height of the laser bed can be electrically adjusted up or down. All “Vera” laser machines are also equipped with an autofocus system as standard, which allows the machine to adjust itself to materials with different thicknesses.

always the safest and most trusted

This machine is also among the safest in its class and is ideal for schools, SMEs and small workshops. This laser machine can be placed anywhere. So it is with this machine no need to wear extra personal protective equipment or to take other measures.. Read more here about class 3R and the option to deliver the machine as class 1.


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inspiration for laser VERA


LAMPS / interior design

nameplates / advertising

coasters / labels



room screens / interior

furniture pieces / decor

granite / natural stone photo engraving


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