chiller water coolant for chiller can 5 liters


Specially formulated coolant for use in laser machine cooling systems. 5 liter can with scale.

Never use tap water for cooling systems! Chiller water is the only correct liquid for your chiller.

Chiller water prevents damage to your laser machine and I can use any water-cooled system. Replace tap water with chiller water immediately to avoid problems. Chiller water properties:

  • prevents algae growth in laser systems: Heating the cooling water creates an ideal breeding ground for algae growth and the multiplication of organic components in the cooling water. Chiller water is environmentally friendly and prevents organic algae growth and is bactericidal.
  • lubricates the system: the components in chiller water provide additional lubrication of cooling systems with tight tolerances. This creates less friction and less wear in the system.
  • better heat transport: chiller water has a much higher thermal transfer coefficient, which means that heat from laser sources is dissipated faster and more efficiently. This makes the system respond faster and prevents temperature peaks in the laser source.
  • protection against low temperatures: chiller water has a low freezing point, which means that laser systems are less likely to break down and that the system can start up and run smoothly even at lower temperatures.
  • safe and environmentally friendly: chiller water does not harm the environment, is non-toxic and can be used in all systems.


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