active carbon filter for CO2 laser air filter systems


Active carbon filter for CO2 laser air filter systems 500 m3 / h or 700 m3 / h. Replace your filters regularly to reduce odor and the spread of harmful organic compounds in the air. This is the top filter in your filter system. (a combination cassette may also be available).

activated carbon eliminates odor

Our HEPA filter systems for CO2 laser machines are all equipped with an active carbon filter for binding odors and harmful VOCs (harmful organic compounds) from the flue gas outlet of the laser machine.

Carbon filters should be replaced regularly to keep the ambient air healthy and reduce odor nuisance.

activated carbon filter - ONLY

Active carbon is part 1 of 2

There are 4 filters in your filter installation. From bottom to top these are:

  • coarse pre-filter
  • HEPA fine dust filter
  • HEPA ultra fine (number 2 in photo)
  • activated carbon filter (number 1 on photo)

So pay attention! This order is for the Q7 active carbon filter (Number 1 in the picture). There are 2 filters in the cassette. To replace the filter you need to transfer filter number 2. You need a screwdriver for this.

tip: Instead of a separate carbon filter, order a combination filter (number 1 + number 2) for less work and a cleaner result. You can find the combination main filter here:


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