air filter for CO2 laser machines - universally applicable HEPA + active carbon 700 m3


Also saves on heating costs because you no longer have to blow air out!

700 m3/hour air scrubber, air filter and extraction system for CO2 laser cutters and fiber marking lasers. Digital control, filter monitoring, LCD display with air flow rate, 10-position adjustable silent motor, remote control, automatic alarm, remote start/stop and so much more. This high volume filter unit is the best choice and is extremely suitable for all CO2 laser machines and fiber marking machines. Usually directly available from stock!

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no less than 4 filter sections

This HEPA filter unit is equipped with different media to thoroughly clean your flue gases. From bottom to top you will find:

  • pre-filter mat with handy tray for coarse particles (replace the pre-filter very regularly)
  • large HEPA filter cassette for filtering very small dust and smoke particles
  • super fine HEPA filter for filtering tiny particles that are harmful to the lungs
  • active carbon filter for binding and eliminating harmful organic components and odors

power supply220 volts / 200 watts
flow rate / air displacementadjustable up to 700 m3 per hour
dimensions510 x 560 x 1100 mm
weight110 kilogram
filter media1 pre-filter, 1 HEPA F8 filter, 1 HEPA H13 filter, 1 activated carbon gas-odor filter

With a filter unit you also save a lot of money!

In many cases, when laser cutting or laser engraving, you will extract the smoke with a fan and blow this smoke outside. but be careful ! By blowing the smoke outside, you also lose all your heated indoor air. As a result, you have to burn a lot of extra gas to get it warm inside again. By installing a recirculating filter installation, you save a lot on heating (or cooling in the summer) and in the long run you earn a lot of money that you would otherwise have lost on the energy bill.

save on gas with a filter
save on gas with a filter

built-in fan with updraft filter system

With the built-in silent computer-controlled fan, a separate extraction is no longer necessary. The filter system draws the smoke itself through the 4 filter media and then distributes the cleaned air back into the room without loss of heat or cold energy.

remote control for hepa air filter

wireless remote control

This filter machine can optionally be equipped with a wireless remote control for easy and quick adjustment of the filter speed and air volume.

  • on-off switch
  • flow regulator in 10 steps
  • timer controlled filtration

laser filter electronics

Adjustable in 10 positions

The computer-controlled motors in these HEPA filtration units are adjustable in 10 steps, whereby the unit can be adjusted from almost inaudible / whisper quiet to maximum throughput for powerful and fast extraction and filtering of polluted air.


Built-in filter monitoring with alarm

The built-in computer system is standard equipped with filter monitoring, whereby all filter media are continuously measured and monitored for functionality. If the filter media stops working efficiently or becomes clogged, an audio/visual alarm will automatically activate to replace filters.


Includes Activated Carbon Cassette

This machine also includes a special carbon cassette as standard. The activated carbon in this cartridge is specially formulated to bind and trap odors and chemicals in the air. Due to a unique production process, the adsorption of the activated carbon is greatly increased, so that odors and dangerous VOCs are better bound and filtered.

LCD display for laser filter unit

built-in flow meter & differential pressure meter

The built-in LCD display shows the actual measured flow rates (cubic meters of air per hour) at all times, so that you can really see how much air is being moved. The built-in differential pressure measurement also shows how clean or dirty the filters are, so that you can order a new set of filters in time.

700 m3/hour air scrubber air extraction and filter system for CO2 laser cutters and fiber lasers. Digital control, filter monitoring, LCD display with air flow rate and static pressure. Now also infinitely adjustable.

Available from stock !

Weight90 kg.
Dimensions60x60x120 cm


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