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You can cut metal with a fiber laser! This closed fiber laser cutter cuts steel and other metals up to 20 mm. thick and does this quickly, but above all very precisely up to a size of 130 x 90 cm. or with infinite length from the roll. We offer you the lowest price in NL and BE on this machine and installed by our own service department. You will be assigned a permanent service engineer who will help you with all your questions. 

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Powerful shop fiber laser

With fiber laser Kristel / LF1390 (format 130 x 90 cm.) You can effortlessly cut through metals such as steel, stainless high speed and ultra precision. The fiber laser is extremely powerful and consumes very little power. Kristel is available in different powers from 1.000 to 2.000 Watt and cuts up to 16 mm. thick steel.

… “Powerful, easy and safest metal laser machine on the market”…

intelligent PRE-Crash detection

When cutting loose shapes, the object sometimes rises or tilts, causing a crash with the laser head. No problem for our automatic control. The raytools cutting head with built-in intelligence sees a crash hazard well in advance and automatically stops before accidents happen. The laser head moves to a safe position, and the traffic light on the machine signals the machine operator to straighten or remove the tilted material.

automatic ventilation monitoring

When cutting metals you sometimes use pure oxygen. Oxygen is a good oxidizer but can also be explosive under certain conditions. Irritating fumes are also created during the cutting process. This machine is therefore also standard equipped with a ventilation monitoring system whereby the laser is automatically blocked if no air extraction is measured in the machine.

… ”Standard built-in support using artificial intelligence”…

including computer controlled cooling tower

Cooling is very important for your fiber laser, so we supply a very high-quality fully automatic cooling machine with 2 separate cooling circuits. As a result, the laser source and the laser head with the lenses are kept separately and very precisely at their own temperature.

The cooling tower is fully pre-programmed and pre-installed and is operational within 10 minutes. Naturally, the cooling tower communicates directly with the laser machine. In the event of an alarm, the chiller will immediately switch off the laser source to prevent damage to the laser.

including remote control system

Kristel comes with radio remote control for quick and easy positioning in X, Y and Z direction, The remote control also gives direct access to the functions: automatic focus height search, auxiliary gases blow through, dry testing, contouring, pausing and stopping.

You will soon notice that you can work more efficiently and precisely with the remote control and never want to go without it again. The remote control is magnetic and can be hung anywhere on the machine.

… “Very complete with all conceivable options included”…

Intelligent laser head with “pre-sense” technology

Material blocking the laser path? Cut pieces that flip up? Plates that are not flat? No problem at all with the standard built-in automatic Swiss Raytools cutting head which measures thousands of times per second where it is relative to the material. If the material is warped or warped, the Raytools head effortlessly follows the material to an accuracy of 0,003 mm. Often sold as extra, but with lasergraaf just free included.

automatic plate-edge detection

With the built-in BCS100 system it is also possible to have the edges of the sheet material searched fully automatically and the software to automatically compensate for skewed plates. Never askew again cut objects or cut next to the plate.

Finally, the system is equipped with extensive self-checking and self-calibration, so that the system fully adjusts and automatically adjusts itself.

… ”Robustly built for 24/7 production 365 days a year”…

very extensive software including training

Kristel comes standard with the very powerful CYPCUT controller system for programming your cutting jobs. Cypcut works intuitively enough to get started right away, but has many professional functions, which you normally have to buy separately, already built-in. So has cypcut automatic nesting functions to efficiently organize plates, extensive lead in / out options, micro joints, fly cutting , pierce functions and extensive cutting settings. Of course you can directly control almost all possibilities of the fiber laser from cypcut. For example, you can control the entire CNC system, regulate gas types and pressures, control the laser source remotely and possibly take over a BCS100 system.

computer controlled solid state laser source

Of course, the laser source is the heart of the fiber laser machine and of course we only choose the best of the best. We recommend the Raycus fiber laser sources as standard. These systems are very stable and have one MTBF of up to 80.000 hours. Optionally, we can also implement the machine with an IPG laser source for highly reflective materials. These brands lead the top of the fiber laser market.

The laser source itself is completely solid-state, so no moving parts and completely maintenance free. The powerful built-in computers fine-tune the pulse frequencies, pulse lengths and power curves.

Wireless control & integrated Hi-Res control panel

The operation of the machine is very simple and runs on built-in as standard windows OS operating system and the very powerful cypcut controller system. Everything can be set up and started clearly and intuitively via the wireless keyboard, mouse and handheld.

This machine is already equipped with the portrait high resolution operating & control screen on the swivel arm as standard.

complete installation and on-site training

Kristel is installed on site by our own technicians as standard. Fiber lasers are extremely complex and must of course also be precisely programmed and calibrated during installation. Our technicians can rely on very specific training and experience.

After installation, the technician will first create a complete materials library for you and you will also receive the 1st training and explanation of the machine from our technician. We do the training in the language that you prefer, or in the Dutch, English, German, French, Russian or Chinese.

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Of course you can cut metal laser with auxiliary gases. With the fiber lasers you preferably use oxygen, nitrogen or argon (and in some cases compressed air) depending on the type of material and the thickness of the material. In addition, high power fiber lasers have some wearing parts that need to be replaced periodically. All in all, Kristel cuts for example 3 mm. steel for about 4 Euro per hour and 1 mm. stainless steel for around 7 Euro per hour. (based on 500 Watt fiber source and depending on gas purchasing costs, and costs per Kwh power).

  • dimension: 2110 * 2160 * 1630mm
  • weight: 1500-1800 Kg
  • max speed: 40 m / min
  • integrated red-dot contour laser
  • O2: max 900 Kpa
  • N2: max 1.100 Kpa
  • tension :
    • 500 Watt: 220 volts / 25 Amp + 220 volts - 16 amp (cooling)
    • 700+ Watt: 380 volts / 40 Amp + 220 volt - 16 amp (cooling)
  • repeat accuracy: 0,01 mm.
  • Cyprus CNC control system
  • including industrial computer system
  • including radio remote control

For this machine we strongly advise to use the following HEPA filter installation that cleans and recirculates the air. Healthier working air, cheaper work and no environmental permit required (as may be the case when blowing out):

fiber laser filter system 2400 m3 / hour metal

Max cutting thicknessesCarbon Steel - O2Stainless steel - N2Aluminum - N2Brass - N2Copper - O2silver - N2
Raycus 500 watts6 mm2 mm1 mm
Raycus 750 watts8 mm3 mm1.5 mm
Raycus 1000 watts10 mm3.5 mm2 mm (light use)
Raycus 1500 watts12 mm5 mm3 mm (light use)
Raycus 2200 watts15 mm6 mm3-4 mm (light use)
Raycus 3300 watts20 mm10 mm6 mm (light use)
IPG 500 Watts6 mm3 mm1 mm1 mm
IPG 700 Watts8 mm4 mm1.5 mm1.5 mm
IPG 1000 Watts11 mm5 mm2 mm1.8 mm0.5 mm
IPG 1500 Watts13 mm6 mm3 mm2 mm0.8 mm1
IPG 2000 Watts15 mm7 mm 3-4 mm3 mm1.5 mm1
IPG 3000 Watts20 mm10 mm8 mm3.5 mm2 mm1.5
IPG 4000 Watts22 mm12 mm10 mm10 mm6 mm2
IPG 6000 Watts25 mm16 mm16 mm10 mm8 mm2.5
For highly reflective materials such as Aluminum / copper / brass etc. it is strongly advised to use an IPG laser source. Cutting thicknesses in the table are maximum values ​​for occasional use. Raycus sources can burn through (frequent) cutting of highly reflective materials.

The following cutting examples are cut with our 500 Watt version:

6 mm. Mild steel - cut on 500 Watt fiber laser machine with oxygen as auxiliary gas

6 millimeters of steel

1 mm. Stainless steel (stainless steel) - cut on a 500 Watt fiber laser machine with nitrogen as an auxiliary gas

1 mm brushed stainless steel - very accurate fiber laser cutting without burrs

laser cutting of highly reflective metals (copper, silver, brass etc)

which laser source should I choose for metal cutting?

TNS-15KVA voltage stabilizer 220/400 volts

Download the specifications for fiber laser Kristel

[pdf embedder url=”×90.pdf”]

size fiber laser Kristel
minimum dimensions fiber laser Kristel 1300 x 900
laser power

, , , ,


max working range

power connection



, ,

laser source

Raycus, IPG

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  1. Teun and Maartje -

    Fast and very precise. The demonstration at fablab was impressive. Now we are especially impatient until the machine is delivered to our workshop 🙂

  2. metal sizes -

    unimaginable machine. Cuts through metal like butter and is incredibly precise. Service was top notch.

  3. Eric -

    fine machine
    easy to use

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