500 to 12.000 watt Fiber laser with canopy and change table

“Melody” 0,5 - 12 kilowatts | including safety housing changing table

Very complete production machine for cutting metals up to 6000 x 2500 mm. Equipped with class-1 safety housing and change table for fast efficient and safe loading and unloading of materials. download from product flyer here

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Fiber laser “Melody” is a complete metal cutting factory. This gantry laser is completely surrounded by a safety housing and the machine is equipped with a fully automatic electric switch table for safe and efficient loading of materials.

remote control for fiber laser

This fiber laser comes with radio remote control for quick and easy operation of common functions. The remote control is magnetic and can be hung anywhere on the machine.

fiber laser chiller

Cooling is very important for your fiber laser, so we supply a very high-quality fully automatic cooling machine with 2 separate cooling circuits. As a result, the laser source and the laser head with the lenses are kept separately and very precisely at their own temperature.

exhaust fans

You don't want to leave metal vapors in the workshop. That is why this fiber laser comes standard with a very powerful cyclone volute extraction system with which all vapors are extracted directly from the machine and blown to an existing filter system or to the outside.

cypcut software

This metal laser cutter comes standard with the very powerful CYPCUT controller system for programming your cutting jobs. Cypcut is intuitive enough to get started right away, but has many professional functions that you would normally have to buy separately, already built in as standard.

automatic edge detection

With the built-in BCS100 system it is possible to search for the edges of the sheet material fully automatically and to have the software automatically compensate for skewed sheets. Never askew again cut objects or cut next to the plate.

Material blocking the laser path ? Cut pieces that flip up ? Plates that are not flat? This machine is equipped with a Swiss Raytools cutting head that measures where it is relative to the material thousands of times per second. If the material is curved or warped, the Raytools head follows the material effortlessly to within 0,003 mm.

hi-res fiber laser control

The operation of the machine is very simple and runs standard on the built-in windows OS operating system in combination with the very powerful cypcut controller system. Everything can be set up and started clearly and intuitively via the wireless keyboard, mouse and handheld laser control.

Why a fiber laser for metal?

Fiber laser machines are on the rise and are completely displacing CO2 lasers from the market, and for good reason. The CO2 laser is an outdated expensive system with many problems, but until recently it was much cheaper than fiber lasers. A lot has changed in the last 5 years:

  • electric power : Fiber lasers use up to 70% less power than CO2 lasers at the same plate thickness
  • maintenance: Fiber laser sources are completely maintenance-free and do not contain any gases that need to be refilled
  • malfunctions / repair: Most Fiber laser sources have an MTBF rating of at least 80.000 hours - cutting without problems for 30 years.
  • cutting quality: the cutting grain is much sharper and thinner with a fiber laser (due to the different wavelengths of fiber lasers they cut up to 10x sharper)
  • efficiency :  converted electrical efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher with fiber lasers than with CO2 lasers
  • price : The prices of fiber lasers have been put under enormous pressure in the last 10 years lasergraaf.nl is the first on the market to offer a series of full-fledged fiber cutting lasers under 50.000 euros!

Max cutting thicknessesCarbon Steel - O2Stainless steel - N2Aluminum - N2Brass - N2Copper - O2silver - N2
Raycus 500 watts6 mm2 mm1 mm
Raycus 750 watts8 mm3 mm1.5 mm
Raycus 1000 watts10 mm3.5 mm2 mm (light use)
Raycus 1500 watts12 mm5 mm3 mm (light use)
Raycus 2200 watts15 mm6 mm3-4 mm (light use)
Raycus 3300 watts20 mm10 mm6 mm (light use)
IPG 500 Watts6 mm3 mm1 mm1 mm
IPG 700 Watts8 mm4 mm1.5 mm1.5 mm
IPG 1000 Watts11 mm5 mm2 mm1.8 mm0.5 mm
IPG 1500 Watts13 mm6 mm3 mm2 mm0.8 mm1
IPG 2000 Watts15 mm7 mm3-4 mm3 mm1.5 mm1
IPG 3000 Watts20 mm10 mm8 mm3.5 mm2 mm1.5
IPG 4000 Watts22 mm12 mm10 mm10 mm6 mm2
IPG 6000 Watts25 mm16 mm16 mm10 mm8 mm2.5
For highly reflective materials such as Aluminum / copper / brass etc. it is strongly advised to use an IPG laser source. Cutting thicknesses in the table are maximum values ​​for occasional use. Raycus sources can burn through (frequent) cutting of highly reflective materials.

fiber laser filter system 5000 m3 / hour metal with blow-back


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laser power

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max working range

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power connection


laser source

Raycus, IPG