CO2 laser cutter 130 x 90 "Vera" 100 Watt home laser


Co2 laser cutter “Vera” is the powerful, universally applicable 100 Watt laser machine measuring 130 × 90 cm. optionally with Dutch, German, French or English software and a very complete installation package. This machine is often used in places of intensive use (schools, workshops, production centers and labs). Due to the very robust design, the machine remains very accurate even after years of use. Very popular machine! 

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CO2 laser cutter “Vera” is the most popular machine for medium to large workshops and production companies. With the ideal price and size ratio, the “Vera” is most efficient for medium-sized production runs and larger custom projects. In addition, due to its speed and size, the “Vera” laser cutter is gladly used by architecture and arts students. With a size of no less than 11.700 square centimeters and laser power of 100 Watt with a peak of 130 Watt, this laser machine belongs to the heavier class. Naturally, this machine comes with all options as standard and is equipped with a Ruida DSP controller for optimal control.

A complete system without surprises

laser machine training

Free training & workshop upon collection

If you buy a machine from us, we think it is very important that you can also work safely and responsibly with the machine, and that you can maintain it properly. Many of our machines may only be operated by trained or certified personnel. That is why we provide free extensive training for a maximum of 4 people in our own training center with every machine you pick up. After that you can work safely and quickly with the machines and you have enough background information to process new materials and to carry out periodic maintenance.

SenA CW-5200

including fully automatic active cooling system

This powerful laser cutter comes standard with an extra heavy automatic and active cooling system. Some suppliers supply passive chillers to save money, but a stable temperature of your laser tube is very important for the life of the laser tube. That's why you get the strong CW-5200 chillers in your package for free.

different languages

Software, simply in your own language!

All our machines are optionally supplied with Dutch, English, German or French software. Unique in the Netherlands! Easy to understand, easy to operate. For enthusiasts, the software can of course also be switched to a choice of up to 20 other languages. RD-works software or lightburn comes with a lifetime license. RD-Works software is also possible be installed on their own computers by an unlimited number of students and colleagues so that files can be easily prepared and calculated. For the gourmets, machines can also be supplied with light burn software. (see selection menu above)

exhaust fan for laser machines lasergraaf

including powerful exhaust fan

removal of smoke and dust particles is important for your health and to limit unpleasant odors. That is why we supply an industrial exhaust fan with this machine that extracts no less than 500 m3 / hour. Connection hoses (around 160 mm.) Are of course included.

Do you want to save the environment or can't you blow out bad smells and (harmful) smoke? Then choose our own brand of air scrubber. These air filters have already earned themselves back within 2 to 3 years purely on saving energy costs. Of course you are also environmentally conscious and healthier.

honeycomb table

including honeycomb table AND knife bed

Unbelievable, but we even supply 2 material beds with this machine! We supply a honeycomb table for the delicate work free of charge so that you have maximum support for the smallest parts. In addition, you also get a knife table so that you keep more air circulation around your workpiece and have less chance of deposits at the bottom of your work. We believe that with a high-quality machine you should simply have the means to deliver perfect work.

air compressor tankless lasergraaf

including air-support compressor

A good laser machine also has an air connection for an air compressor. This air under pressure ensures, among other things, that the lens in the machine is protected against contamination, and it prevents flame formation when cutting and digging material. We put safety first at lasergraaf, so we also supply an air-support air compressor for free with every CO2 machine.

laser power

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