130 150 watt CO2 laser tube EFR F6 – RECI W6 equiv


The best hand blown EFR CO2 (spare) laser tubes - long life & high power. Suitable for replacement in almost all glass CO2 laser machines. This laser tube has a nominal power of no less than 130 watts and a peak power of 150 watts.

laser tubes can be collected (or have collected) in Goirle!
these cannot be sent by post due to the high risk of transport damage

Laser tubes are consumables and all CO2 laser tubes eventually need to be replaced! The average lifespan of a laser tube strongly depends on a number of factors, such as: type and quality of the tube, tube temperature, set laser power, cold start-up or mechanical load.

We only supply extended-life laser tube types from the highly renowned brands EFR.

Ordering a laser tube separately is normally almost always asking for problems due to breakage during (air) transport. That's why . has lasergraaf.nl tubes are almost always in stock in the Netherlands or have laser tubes transported by train in special vibration-free crates and housings. This allows us to guarantee quality and you are always assured of spare parts that can be delivered quickly and without transport damage.


Existing customers of lasergraaf.nl (who have purchased a laser machine) can always count on priority delivery, and a discount on the purchase of spare tubes. When ordering a laser machine, however, we strongly recommend that you order at least 1 spare laser tube immediately.


Because laser tubes are often damaged during transport with a postal service, the laser tubes can preferably be collected or we can have the laser tubes brought to your location by courier if desired.

CO2 laser tubes are glass tubes used in CO2 laser equipment. They consist of a glass tube filled with a mixture of CO2, helium and neon. The tube is pumped at one end with an electric current, generating energy in the gases that fill the tube. This energy is conducted along the inside of the tube, creating a laser beam.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using a glass CO2 laser tube. For example, it is important to be careful when moving and installing the pipe, as it is vulnerable to breakage. In addition, the tube can quickly overheat if the laser is on for too long or too often at high powers, so it is important to use the laser in a safe manner and to ensure proper ventilation and cooling.

Thermal shocks can also be a problem, where the tube suddenly changes temperature (for example when switching on or off the laser in combination with the wrong cooling water temperature or due to air bubbles in the cooling water). This can lead to stress and breakage in the pipe. It is therefore important to inspect the pipe on a regular basis and replace it if signs of wear or defects are observed.

In general, it is important to take great care when using and maintaining a glass CO2 laser tube to avoid problems and extend the life of the tube.

Weight999 kg


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