lasergraaf consultant when purchasing your fiber laser

Lasergraaf As a liaison for major Chinese (fiber) laser manufacturers, it is of course very well known in Europe. As consultants, we offer expert advice and guidance when purchasing your laser machine in China. Below you will find an overview of the benefits of purchasing your expensive fiber laser with our help:

  1. Site visit: We are happy to visit you to assess the installation space and advise you on the best location for your laser machine.
  2. Sound and independent advice: Before you start purchasing, we will provide you with comprehensive and independent advice to ensure you make the right choice.
  3. Access to years of practical experience: Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we can provide you with valuable insights and tips for a successful purchase.
  4. Direct connection to the right people: We have direct contacts with major manufacturers and suppliers in China, allowing us to connect you with the right people for your specific needs.
  5. Checking quotations and price agreements: We ensure that you get the best price for your laser machine by thoroughly checking quotes and price agreements.
  6. Independent mediation or support in price formation: If desired, we can act as an independent party in price negotiations to ensure that you pay a fair price.
  7. Assistance with documentation, planning and logistics: We guide you in obtaining the necessary documentation, planning the purchase and the logistics processes.
  8. Access to our agents in China for road transport and shipping: We have reliable agents in China who can support you in arranging road transport and shipping of your laser machine.
  9. Access to our agents in the port of Rotterdam for imports: For import matters you can count on our agents in the port of Rotterdam, who can help you handle customs formalities and other import-related matters.
  10. Access to our specialized transporters: We work together with specialized transporters who have experience in transporting laser machines, so that your machine arrives at its destination safely and on time.
  11. Free basic training in software for your employees: After purchasing your laser machine, we offer free basic training in the software, so that your employees can get started quickly.
  12. Free training in maintenance and hardware for your employees: We also provide free training in the maintenance and hardware of your laser machine, so that your employees can solve small problems independently.
  13. Access to our service and installation companies: If you ever need technical support or installation assistance, you can count on our service and installation companies.

Thanks to the consultancy of you can benefit from various benefits that more than pay for themselves. Below I explain how our expertise helps you get better products, prices and contacts, as well as avoid expensive bad purchases:

  1. Better products: Our years of practical experience enable us to give you expert advice on the best laser machine for your specific needs. We can help you identify the most suitable machine based on factors such as power, speed, precision and more. By investing in a high-quality fiber laser, you can benefit from superior performance, durability and reliability.
  2. Better prices: As consultants we have direct connections with major manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can put you in touch with the right people to negotiate the best price for your laser machine. In addition, we thoroughly check quotations and price agreements to ensure that you pay a fair price. With our help, you may be able to save on your purchasing costs and free up valuable resources for other business needs.
  3. Better contacts: Our direct contacts with manufacturers and suppliers enable us to connect you with the right people for your specific needs. This can help you build valuable business relationships and gain access to exclusive products and services. By taking advantage of our extensive network, you may be able to discover new opportunities and strengthen your competitive position.
  4. Preventing expensive bad purchases: Thanks to our thorough and independent advisory services, you can avoid making the wrong choice when purchasing your laser machine. We carefully assess your needs and provide you with tailored advice to ensure you choose the right machine. This helps you avoid costly mistakes and disappointments, and ensures that you invest in a laser machine that perfectly suits your business goals.

With our consultancy services you can benefit from our expertise and experience, and purchase the best laser machine to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information or a personal consultation.

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