how does purchasing a fiber laser work? lasergraaf as a consultant?

purchase fiber lasers with lasergraaf as a consultant

Lasergraaf has been known in Europe since 2002 as a CLASS-A dealer/reseller for all major manufacturers in China. With more than 20 years of laser experience, we know Lasergraaf what works and what doesn't work, where the pitfalls are when ordering and having your laser machine produced in China, and how we can put your machine to work in the Netherlands or Belgium in the cheapest way, with reliable parties.

With our consultation package you pay a one-time fixed amount and you have us as your partner for all aspects of the purchase of your laser machine up to and including complete installation and training. This means you get the lowest possible price and you have an expert at your side. With our consultation package you will receive, among other things:

  • site visit to assess the installation space (optional)
  • sound and independent advice before you start your purchase
  • access to our many years of practical experience
  • direct connection to the RIGHT people at the major manufacturers and suppliers in China
  • checking quotations and price agreements
  • independent mediation or support with price formation
  • help with documentation, planning and logistics
  • access to our agents in China for road transport and shipping
  • access to our agents in the port of Rotterdam for import
  • access to our specialized transporters
  • free basic training in software for your employees
  • free training in maintenance and hardware for your employees
  • access to our service and installation companies

As a consultant we work for you and because we work with fixed amounts there is no conflict of interest but you can rest assured that all our expertise is focused on your best deal. All our contacts and goodwill are at your disposal, and you will see all documentation.

factory in china for fiber lasers

Do you know where to start?

Things work quite differently in China than they do in Europe. In China it's all about relationships and respect. Doing business with China is really not easy for a beginner. In addition, it takes years of building mutual trust to get the right response and the best deals.

We know our way around China and maintain contacts with the largest manufacturers of fiber laser machines locally. Because we have been doing business for more than 20 years, our lines of communication are short and we reach the right people. We do not try to dump the B-choice for high prices, but we are respected for our knowledge and experience.

You buy 1 machine – we mediate with hundreds

Do you know if you need motovario, cypcut or au3tech? A Raycus instead of IPG, and with which gas connection? How thick can we realistically cut and how much will that cost me per plate? Who will teach me how this software works and can I integrate it into my business process?

Just a few of the hundred questions you need to answer when purchasing a fiber laser. Do you have all the answers ready the first time? Or do you just miss a detail and end up with a “not exactly what I wanted” machine for the next 1 years?

Don't try it alone, bring the knowledge of 100 deals to the table. Let us help you ask the right questions and provide the answers.


transport, also something like that!

Are you going with a 40 footer, a 20 footer, HQ or GP, or perhaps just an LCL shipment? Well, and who will load that container and take it to the port, and pass it through Chinese customs, and track it during the voyage, and arrange import in Rotterdam, and road transport in NL or BE?

Transport requires planning! Many parties must all work together and come together precisely to transport your machine halfway around the world. 1 wrong document and you literally miss the boat, or worse, your machine is stuck in a customs depot for weeks or months.


but uh, how exactly does that thing work?

The machine is finally in its place, but what? Who knows exactly how everything works? Who is going to translate all that theoretical knowledge into practice and tell you exactly how you will save thousands of euros on cutting gases, get your products ready hours faster, and allow your staff to work more safely and efficiently?

Ask us and we will be happy to help you!

You were not yet convinced of the added value of a consultant?

Lasergraaf has practical experience in all aspects of the process. From logistics to programming the PLC, and from process optimization to training and networking with the right people. With a consultant in your team, you skip many steps and things are taken care of that you didn't even know existed. You will earn back the costs of a consultant more than once, not to mention the prevention of enormous frustrations, mistakes and worse. Send a message without obligation to: and discover how you sleep better, work more efficiently and ultimately save more money at the bottom line.

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